The Boreal Pantry

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LOVERS OF THE FLAVOURS AND AROMAS OF THE BOREAL FOREST, chefs Arnaud Marchand and Jean-Luc Boulay reveal the secrets that make their restaurant, CHEZ BOULAY BISTRO BOREAL, such a success.

Explore with them the spices, fruits and vegetables that embellish and add wonderful
aromas to their cuisine: pine forest spikenard, sweet gale, peppery green alder, caraway, ginger, wild mushrooms, ox-eye daisy capers, cattail hearts, salicornia, chokecherries, elderberries, rosehip, Labrador tea and sweet clover flower. Discover where to shop to get these homegrown treasures and treat yourself to 80 TASTY AND GOURMET SEASONAL RECIPES, which will allow you to give a northern accent to your cuisine while impressing your guests. Along the way, get to know several of the artisans who contribute to the success of their cuisine.

On the menu: tatin of red beets with birch syrup, wild goose and bolete cassoulet,
halibut with fiddleheads, northern rhubarbe tiramisu, black spruce iced nougat and
much more!

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